The Fishbowl 5K for Mental health

Will you run with us for Mental Health?

This Mental Health Day, Sunday 10 October, Fishbowl are hosting the Fishbowl 5k; so grab a buddy, talk and run 5k together for your mental fitness.

This is a virtual run fundraiser that you can do it anywhere. Plus signups get a FREE bowl!

By participating, you’ll be supporting the Gotcha4Life mission – for everyone to have a Gotcha4Life Mate – a go-to person you can rely on and talk to about anything when times are tough. 



  1. Grab a buddy. 
  2. Sign up here and donate $20 to Gotcha4Life.*
  3. Complete your 5k run or walk on Sunday 10 October. 
  4. End at your local Fishbowl to redeem your free bowl. 

*T-Shirts are also available for $40 in the ‘add ons’ section. 

help us get the word out and join today!