Fishbowl's NEW menu

Reel it in, friends!

And by ‘it’, we mean your taste buds after seeing Fishbowls newest street food menu. 


Just when you thought your lunchtime routine was set on repeat x 100, Fishbowl swoops in to rescue you with a menu so fresh, it’ll make you question if they should’ve also released a So Fresh album with it. 

Street Food by Fishbowl is serving up a delicious twist to its famous bowls. The ‘deflation creation’ consists of simple and smashable boxes. And guess what? These bad boys are going for an unbelievable $11.90! Yep, you read that right. Say goodbye to boring three-day old leftovers and hello to healthy street food that’ll make your wallet and taste buds feel like they owe you one. 

Come get your next lunchtime grub at Fishbowl and treat yourself to a tasty meal that won’t break the bank.