The return of Scullery

Have you heard of our Scullery service? No? 

Well, you are missing one of the freshest and most authentic way to enjoy your dine-in meals at Wintergarden. 

Wintergarden’s scullery service offers real plate and cutlery service, which means reduced unwanted waste! 

The impact this service has had on reducing waste has been significant. When in operation, our scullery service provides an astounding 40% reduction of the usual 8.54 tonnes of waste produced. That’s over 5 tonnes saved from our waste streams.*

We are so proud to be one of the last precincts to offer the scullery service and could not thank our Wintergarden cleaning team enough for all the effortless time and diligence put into running the program. 

*Data as at November 2021. 

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